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Home Control

Control for your home has many names - automation, integration and smart home technology to name a few. Control simply means having a convenient way to turn one or many devices on or off, up or down, etc.

A control system can be used to:

  • Turn on and control your TV and Surround System
  • Adjust your thermostat
  • Play music in any area of your home
  • Turn lights on or off
  • Monitor a child in another room
  • See who’s at the front door
  • Close the garage door
  • Turn on or off your irrigation system
  • Control your pool or hot tub
  • Notify you what is happening at home
  • Unlimited additional options

Individual control for systems is nice, but the real power of home control is the ability to set into motion a sequence of events.

Consider a morning routine: At your preset wake-up time you are gently awoken by your favorite Pandora station. The thermostat has already adjusted the temperature to your desired level. Lights slowly rise in the bedroom and bath to guide your way. Later in the kitchen the shades are opening to let the morning light in as the television tunes to your favorite news channel. When you head out the door the system assures all lights and shades are lowered, music and televisions are off, and the thermostat is adjusted for energy savings. As you are pulling into the office, you receive a text letting you know you left the garage door open. Just a tap of a button on your smart phone app and the garage door is closed for you, leaving your home safe and secure. A bit later you get a call from the housekeeper, who can’t find the house key. In just a few seconds you’ve unlocked the front door, without leaving your desk.

The options and advantages of a control system are virtually unlimited. Give us a call and we can design a control system with all the capabilities you desire.

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